Stella ProvenzanoStella Provenzano is a self-taught water color artist. “I’ve had the privilege of working with many mentors,” she says. “I’m very thankful to Catherine Mader and Matilda Grech for their guidance and inspiration.”

2019, Ocean Isle Beach, NC:

I’ve learned that things never stay the same, and believe that’s a good thing.  We’ve moved from our lovely home and friends in Milford, PA where, I  thought we would never leave.  Situations and circumstances change and I’m now painting along the shores of the Intra-Coastal Waterways, and experimenting with acrylics and pouring techniques.  I’ve found there are always welcoming artists and neighbors to meet and enjoy time with.  I continue to exhibit my art and am happy to have met many talented artists through the Waterways Art Association.


2019: We’ve moved to N C and are enjoying the warm climate, ocean, and new friends. I was asked to repaint an old, rusted water pressure tank in our community and enjoyed the project! I’ve been exhibiting my art through the Waterways Art Association, and Brunswick Art Council. I find there are always wonderful, talented people to meet, no matter where you are.

Water pressure tank Water pressure tank

Grey Towers, Milford, PAApril, 2015: 8K race at Grey Towers, Milford, PA
Stella, after completing a chalk drawing for the start line of the 8K race which was a fundraiser to restore Cornelia Gifford’s wildflower garden at Grey Towers.

about_me_2013-08-01Milford, PA has been very good to me since my husband and I became residents three years ago.  I’ve continued to exhibit my art at Chant’s Real Estate on Harford Street and also at The River Rock Inn on Second Street.  There’s always something of interest going on here and a warm, welcoming feeling throughout this community.  In particular, the Pike County Art Council just held their 63rd Annual Exhibit which included many fine artists’ works, including original fine crafts, handmade by our members.  You can learn about PCAC by going on line to http://www.pikecountyartandcrafts.org/.  I have  also had the opportunity to meet and take classes with Barbara Fiore  who instructs in various techniques for creating hand built pottery and ceramic sculptures.  I included my clay work during the PACA Exhibit.  Please take a look at her website, you’ll really enjoy seeing her sculptures.  Attached is a photo from the exhibit.

Reflecting back on 2012 brings some great memories I’ve made here in Milford, PA. I’ve had the opportunity to join a group of artists who paint under the supervision of Matilda Grech who is a seasoned artist and instructor, and on the Board of the Pike County Art Council. The artists I work with are all talented and have made me feel welcome as a part of their group. We exhibit together each summer along with the members of the Art Council. It’s always an energetic exhibit with many fine, artistic works, not to mention some great food too. I hope you’ll keep a look-out for our 2013 exhibit and join us. I have continued to participate in the “Art after Dark” exhibits in Milford and have shown my paintings at Chants Real Estate throughout the year.

If you’ve ever seen Gordon Ramsey’s “Hell’s Kitchen” show, you may have seen the River Rock Inn and Restaurant located in Milford. The owner and head chef, Ken, has redecorated the dining area and invited me to hang some of my paintings there. The dining area is lovely, and a definite compliment to my work. The food at the River Rock is wonderful. I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to stop there when in Milford.

1-DSCN1397Last, but not least, I have my paintings at a new art gallery that has opened in Pine Bush, NY. It’s called “Gallery in the Gunks”. You can check it out on Facebook, or, if you’re in Orange County, NY, stop in. Raymond Zwart is the Exhibits Coordinator and is promoting a broad venue of art, including many fundraising exhibits. Below is a photo of me, along with Artur Charukhchyan, friend and fellow artist at the Gallery.

Well, here we are, again, at the end of another summer.  The 2011 year was a memorable one for me and my husband, Richard.  We did lots of gardening around our new home and enjoyed all the amenities that Mildord, PA and the surrounding towns, has to offer.  I participated in the Milford Garden Club’s ”Secret Garden Tour” in July and met many interesting people who visited our garden.

As a member of the Historic Society I exhibited my water colors, along with several local artists work, at “The Columns” which houses the historical artifacts and records of Pike County and is the home of the Lincoln Flag.  You can learn about The Columns at www.pikehistory.org.

July 18th was the date that Chant Real Estate exhibited some of my work, included with other local artists’, during their participation in Milford’s “Art After Dark”.  Local businesses offer their sites and exhibit a large range of artistic talents on the second Saturday of each month during Art After Dark.

The last of my updates is the upcoming “Art On the Green” art exhibit to be held in Warwick, NY on September 18TH.  I will be sharing an exhibit again with my talented friend, Artur Charukhchyan.  Please check his web site at www.scenicrealm.com.  I’m sure he’ll post some good highlights of that event to review and I know you will enjoy viewing his photography.

Below are photos of the exhibit at The Columns.  Along with my photo are photos of Audry, a good friend and talented water color artist, and Lori, the director of The Columns.


BearThe year 2010 has been full of new experiences and new people. My husband and I have moved to Milford, PA. I’ve had the pleasure of painting with new artists. I’ve also exhibited my art through the Pocono Arts Council, and privately at the Historic Society. Most recently (through the Christmas Season) I’m exhibiting my paintings at the Water Wheel Cafe and Bakery in Milford. I also participated in the Black Bear Film Festival and created a “Master Baker Bear” which was acutioned-off as a fund-raiser for the yearly event. I’d like to thank Nancy Pitcher and all the organizers of the festival. It was a fun experience. Below is a photo of the bear I created. If you’re ever in Milford, PA you can visit him at the Artsian Exchange on Broad Street.

Here’s a 2009 photo of a group of gathering fellow-artists. During this winter I also joined a group of women who get together weekly to create Spanish Lace which is a very fine crochet skill. My first lace piece is pictured below.

Photo of Art Group Spanish Lace

My most recent exhibit was a shared-exhibit with the very talented students I have the pleasure to teach water color techniques to.  It was held on Oct. 10TH at the Top of The World Restaurant in our community at Saw Creek Estates, Bushkill, PA.  For some, it was a first-time exhibit.  All the paintings were wonderful and received compliments from our community members.  What more could a teacher had asked for?

Artur’s and my exhibit of May – June 2009 titled “Photography Watered-Down” was a great success.  We hung our art side-by-side; the results were amazing. Our guests at the reception helped to make it a memorable event. I’d like to thank Artur again for sharing the exhibit with me and also Orange County Community College for the opportunity to show our art together.  Photos of my paintings are included in the “Water Colors” section of this site.  Please log on to Artur’s site:  ScenicRealm.com to view his photography.  You’ll see his complete collection of photography there and I know you will enjoy it.  Below are some photos of the OCCC Exhibit ’09; the first one is of Arthur and myself.

Stella Provenzano & Artur Charukhchyan Photography Watered Down Exhibit Photography Watered Down Exhibit

Below are photos of the Exhibit at Sweet Creams Cafe which was displayed in the fall of 2008. The selection of photography was done by my son, Nicholas Provenzano.  Nick is a very talented photographer, and he is also currently studying to be a gourmet chef.  He shows his artistic skills in everything he creates, both in the kitchen and through a lens.  Displaying my paintings along with my son’s work was a highlight of my painting career.

Exhibit at Sweet Creams Café Exhibit at Sweet Creams Café

When I retired in 2003 one of the first things on my list of things to do was to learn how to paint. My husband, Richard, and I began to travel and the colors of the world opened up for me. I was fortunate to meet Katherine Mader, an established artist from Manhattan, during one of our trips, and decided to ask her if she would instruct me in water color painting. She agreed and we met once a week for several months for an informal art class. It was one of the most pleasurable experiences I’ve had. She was kind and patient and let me find my own style of painting which she feels is a very important factor when you learn to paint. She has been my good friend and mentor since then.

My children’s book titled “How Rusty Rooster Found His Do” was inspired during a stay on a Caribbean Island. I was impressed by the local animal sounds and beautiful island colors and my husband was sure that I could put together a story and illustrations while we were there. I did just that, and now I can share that experience with my readers! I must say that retirement is good!

As a member of the Pocono Arts Council, I’ve met many talented artists and I’ve exhibited my art. I’ve also volunteered time in my home community to teach water color techniques to friends and neighbors.

Above is a photo of an informal, artists’ group meeting. We meet weekly at various locations and spend time painting and critique our work together. New artists are always welcome and that keeps things new and interesting.